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Recently, netizens have made a hilarious video. A large screen with a picture of Liu haoran is very eye-catching. Interestingly, the fountain is constantly pouring from Liu’s nostrils, and the picture is very funny. Some netizens said that Liu Ruran may have died and did not expect that he would "runny nose" in the square. The address of this wonderful screen is the IFS Plaza of Changsha IFC Center. There is a fountain in the middle of the screen. Fans can add photos at will, so Liu Yiran, Yi Qianqian, Wang Junkai, Chen Linong, Xiao Gui, Hu Chunyang, Lin Yi The photos were sent one by one, performing the left and right nostril fountains, as well as the stronger mouth fountain, the tooth fountain and so on! Stars have to be played bad! These fans are angry about the love of beans being "black"? Still happy?

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